plural noun: analytics

ANALYTICS: Such an easy concept for a fancy word….


OCS offers specialized services in Data Analytics, Web Marketing Analytics, Financial Modeling and Spreadsheet solutions.

We have the reputation of being known as a trusted partner/advisor with a penchant to deliver compelling value. We provide solutions to problems in industries across multiple sectors.

The OCSs team is well equipped with good technical, business expertise, and with a good grasp of statistical techniques and spread sheet modeling to provide best service to clients. These skills help us understand customer needs, adopt the right strategy and create marketing edge so you can create winning products, enhance sales, convert traffic into customers, etc.
We are focused on clients and their business. Our objective is to provide the greatest impact to your business. Our engagement model focuses on understanding your needs and priorities and delivering the impact you look for.

We offer all scales of analytical spreadsheet modelling. No job is too small for us. Whether it is a complex multi-level spreadsheet or just a simple internal one you would like to have do more for you, we can help. We can convert your existing spreadsheets and worksheets into live functioning web applications! Contact us here to find out more.