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The OCS Machine/ Workstation Module  is also built around a common sense process that enables users to efficiently and accurately move from the order entry and/ or request for quotation process right into machine, labour and materials planning. Our customized systems allow users to use and  create a profile for each machine/workstation and in an intuitive dashboard under a user friendly interface that allows them to select machines to use and what employees to schedule for each job. A master calendar view gives them an easy visual of the workload for planning and ensuring they are prepared.

The system offers a PAV report  (PLANNED, ACTUAL and VARIANCE) to determine if each job runs within the planned schedule and /or costs alotted.

This system can function alone or in conjunction with our RFQ/ORDER ENTRY and INVENTORY SYSTEMS

As always , making it easy and intuitive for the user to operate and use.


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– Peter Drucker
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