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  RFQ  Systems



The OCS RFQ Module  is built around a common sense process that enables users to efficiently and accurately move along the request for quotation process. Our customized systems allow users to create a RFQ under a user friendly interface that allows them to select respective suppliers to participate in the request for quotation cycle on any specific quotation requirement.

During the vendor selection process, user can select multiple candidates based on a user selected categorized system. Users can filter vendors to broadcast the RFQ to who meet relevant criteria.

The Request for Quotation feature also provides users with the ability to analyze bids and convert the bid into a client proposal within minutes.

Request for Quotation also offers clients the option to accept the proposal within the email screen they receive with the bid as well as the option to upload a PO. All without having to sign into any backend at all.

The system then allows the user to send a PO or Work order to vendors directly from the same form. Again, cutting down on time and redundant data entry that can allow for a variable of human entry error.

To make it simple , from the same quote form a client fills out, all RFQ’s, bid selections, Proposals, PO’s and even Invoices can be created.

Making it easy for the user and easy to understand for both the customer and the vendor.

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– Peter Drucker